Thursday, April 29, 2004

Bagong Tayo ang Online Kusina Ko!

Today is the birth of my foodblog featuring my collection of Filipino recipes as well as American recipes, with kitchen tips and health and nutrition tips. This is linked to my kusina because I am planning to compile recipes that I have tried and liked, in accordance with the blending of Pinoy (me and my kids) and American tastes.

I have been using the internet as a resource for recipes and a ton of other information, food- or non-food related. I have seen websites that featured Filipino cooking, but none yet that featured Filipino cooking as adapted to living in other countries (modified Filipino dishes), which highlight on the cultural blending of the Filipino-American marriages.

Although with the versatility of Pinays in coming up with new ways to cook, as a result of the many influences of other cultures (Oriental as well as Western), most of the recipes I have seen use ingredients unique to the Filipino community.

I am living in an area where I have to travel for 2 hours to get to a Pinoy store. Most often I have to use whatever ingredients are available here. I am new here, and I don't have a license to drive yet. So I don't often get to visit the grocery stores, and if I do, my husband often itches to get out of there quickly. So, until now I haven't fully acquainted myself with what items are available here. And I have yet to learn what the alternatives are to certain ingredients that I have been used to, especially vegetables, since species growing and abundant in the Philippines are remarkably different from those thriving in this area where winter's duration is 5 months!

Anyway, I hope to invite more Filipinas/Filipinos into becoming a part of this recipe compilation. And I hope to help myself and other Pinays/Pinoys in this endeavor, in whatever little way I can, with whatever little talent I can utilize and share. (You have to excuse my ignorance in computers and website creation!).

Here's to a fruitful, tasty and healthy new life!
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