Love Notes from Readers

I thank my readers who leave messages of appreciation or email me their feedback on my site and recipes. Please feel free to use the comment section to add yours. They surely motivate me!

I also encourage readers to (1) share their recipes for me to try and feature here as friend's recipes (might not be able to feature all); or (2) share their recipes with photos for me to feature here as guest blogger; or (3) share photos of my recipes that they have tried for me to post under reader's photo gallery. Some readers suggest a food item that they want to be featured, which I may or may not have the courage/interest to try, but who knows, right? (Wala lang po sanang samaan ng loob kung hindi ko magawa dahil I have a life outside of this hobby).

Some are the following:


Hi Manang Kusinera,

First I have to praise you to high heavens for your wonderful site. I am impressed! You have attention to detail and your sidenotes make me feel like you are just beside me patiently teaching me how to do it right with tender loving care. You have the gift of imparting your knowledge without making us feel apprehensive. It is very reassuring to learn from your website.

Maganda ang mold mo ng puto. Are they silicone? Paki share ate where to get them. More power to you. Capricorn ka ba?


J from Hawaii


I am from Pampanga and am a pretty decent cook. I love your recipes. I would like to try some of your pastry recipes one of these days. I also have 3 college age kids living away from home and wants to impress their friends with Filipino food. Your recipes are great for them to follow or as reference for the ones they learned from me. Love to read your old blogs too. PS. Also married to a former ER nurse.





kaye_cambs said...

hi manang! i just came across your blogs...and looking from the recipe,i right away would like to try some of it..! iam an rn too and loves to experiment in cooking...thank you for sharing your recipes..God bless you and your family...

kaye_cambs from CT

kaye_cambs said...
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Manang said...

Hi kaye,
Thanks for leaving your loving comment here! :) Nice to hear from another rn with the same passion.

Glenn A. said...


You inspire me. I am an RN by profession and a chef by heart. Your recipes inspire me to bring out my passion in food. Right now I have been experimenting with all kinds of breads and have perfected a couple of them. At times when co-workers have asked for Filipino delicacies, I have used your recipes on more than one occasion.

Merry Christmas to you and your family. My wish for you is to continue and love what you do. May the New Year bring you and your family all the health and happiness in the world.

Glenn A. from California

Manang said...

Hi Glenn A.,
Thanks for your note of appreciation. :) And I am glad to be a source of inspiration! May your family be blessed this Christmas season and always.

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