Thursday, September 23, 2004

DOST's Tekno Tulong

This link (click on the title) was provided to me by Bernice (foodblog link at my sidebar). During the time that I checked on it, the page could not be displayed, probably because it was still under construction. It is still is, but today, to my elation, there are now five pages of the Pilipino version (complete) and two pages of the English version. I checked several of them, and was so glad to have found out treasures like how to make "Itlog na Maalat," "Longganisang hubad", chicharon, etc., etc. Wow! What a treasure.

It might not be that useful to the Filipinos living in the Philippines (although the availability of such knowledge might lead some Filipinos into considering other sources of income), but for me who is living in a place where Filipino products are available only at a place two-hour drive from our house, that is sooooo EMPOWERING! Considering that I have at certain times the raw materials for such favorites as mentioned above, and that people here don't have a clue on how these are made, this is definitely another treasure on the net.

I have to thank Bernice for that link.


drstel said...

Manang, ang galing galing mo talaga. Wish you could be my neighbor. You're a super achiever. I want my dotir to be like you. The empanada recipe is up, nahirapan ako mag post, malimali nga eh. #1son too busy w/ school work and he didn't like the blogs, sana daw ay domain na lang (whatever it is). Kudos and *applause* to all you've done, accomplishments talaga, in the time you've lived here in the US. I like your garden especially. (I had to pull my zucchini out, overwatered, and the squirrels keep getting our strawberries. boohoo.wah! aadobohin ko sila.)

Manang said...

drstel, flattered naman ako. di naman super achiever kasi ala na akong balak to go up the ladder in my medical career (maybe later, I'm not sure). I just wanted to be productive while not working. Kakabuwang yung 5 months of winter! Luto na lang sana ang hobby ko, yung mr ko naman nabubuwang sa kakaluto ko (magastos daw! haha!). Hiritan ko nga ngayon ng 1 major meal every 2 days (tip rin yung ng in-laws ko). Eh di everytime ngayon magluto ako, appreciated nya.

celia kusinera said...

Manang, ayaw sa byuti ko nung link. Ilang araw ko nang tina-try laging "Gateway Timeout".

JMom said...

Manang, thanks for the tip, this site IS a treasure trove! Now I have even newer recipes to try. My husband loves tocino, and they have it! I just don't know how to get some of the ingredients, like salitre. I also love it that they have Pilipino and English versions.

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