Wednesday, December 08, 2004

Tuyo at Tocino

Hindi ko po kinain nang sabay yan...di bagay no?

Thanks to the internet and the gift of blogging by Blogger, I have found quite a few friends online. Though I have not met them in person yet, they are already treasures. Amongst them are my fellow Pinay foodbloggers. Some are quiet friends (they read/scan my blogs and email me about it). One of them is Joe from NY (not NJ!). Siguro naawa sya kasi malayo ako sa Pinoy/Asian store (gaya ni stel at ni Ting), he sent me some familiar items.

Sinigang mixes, tocino mixes, a bottle of patis (fermented fish sauce), pancit luglug (I have yet to find a recipe for that), tuyo in a jar, and mung beans.

I wasted no time, the night (gabi, ha! hindi umaga) after we went grocery shopping, my sons and I were so eager to eat the tuyo with tomatoes, and munggo guisado was also part of it (I had to remember to take a photo before they were wiped out by us!). Tsalap-tsalap!

Then, the next morning I sliced in half (butterfly style) the pork steak cuts that I bought and marinated them in the tocino mix. I was not sure if hubby would like them (I actually have served it once before and he did, but to make sure it was not just bola, I try serving it again without saying anything, then watching his reaction. He was out splitting wood when I called him to lunch, but he was not quite ready to quit his task, so me and my sons ate our share. When we were piling up the firewood, my husband finally had his lunchbreak, and to my surprise, he did eat what I left for him (tocino and rice). He even asked me if we had it before, because it was really good!

If my fussy husband likes it, so will most Americans. So for get-togethers, tocino will most probably be well-accepted by non-Filipinos.Posted by Hello



Bix said...

I had to look up tocino. A salt- and sugar-cured pork? It sounds like our bacon but maybe a little sweeter and without the smoked taste. Can you cure any cut of pork? Or are there certain cuts for it? Do you cook the meat before or after you cure it, or not at all?
I'm so curious :)

JMom said...

Hi Manang, My husband loves tocino too. He especially loves my dad's homemade tocino. I have been experimenting with it, maybe one of these days I'll get it right. My hubby says I'm almost there :)

Manang said...

Hi fanatic,
yes, it is a salt-sugar-cured pork without smoking. Any cut of pork will be fine, but I personally prefer ones with some fat. After marinating the uncooked pork, the way I used to cook it was on moderate heat with a little bit of water and oil (about 2 tbsp each), cover and let sort of steam and sweat for about 5 minutes, then uncover and let water evaporate totally until the tocino renders fat and browns. That's the way I make it tender and juicy. I have tried frying it right away and the sugar burns before the meat cooks and it dries up fast so that the outcome is tough.

When you do get successful results, please post your recipe...My favorite tocino in the PI was the "Pampanga's Best." Mama Sita's is just not as yummy, though good enough.

Bix said...

You make me want to eat this for breakfast :)

Thess said...

Salamat sa ating mga nakikilalang mababait na bloggers around ano, manang ^_^ ...treasures talaga sila!

Meron ka bang recipe ng ginisang munggo? advance thank you.

(btw, salamat sa tip mo, naisip ko na i segregate ang food posts fr. the blah-blah ones...sana magkaroon ako ng time gawin ASAP)

drstel said...

manang K, "Joe of NY" has just rendered my prez. to you redundant...di bale at least marami ka nang supply. email ako unya unya may isa pang batang ihahatid sa iskul bukol. good you transferred to doodle board mas kayut at wala nang vastusin. "rowena" said hwag daw ilagay ang email add. para no spamm? i'll ask tita thess..

ting-aling said...

Hahaha, Manang, obvious ba na masyado mong inemphasize na wala kang supplies ng Filipino stuff? Oh ayan, marami naman palang nakaramdam..talo kami ni kanya sobra-sobra pa..

Manang said...

nagugulat na nga lang ako eh....haha! ganito pala ang by-products of blogging. HIndi lang outlet/therapy at communication tool, nakakahanap ka pa ng mga friends na super-sensitive sa ating needs!
My nurse friend in PA, nung makita ang aking blogs finally dahil nagka-internet access na, aba, padadalhan din ako ng Pinoy stuff! Para makagawa daw ako ng kare-kare at fruit salad PInoy style. Timing, dahil kakukuha lang ng butcher sa cattle ng ILs ko. I will have my beef tripe in less than a week. In the meantime, I have to clean my freezer and make room...

Sognaluna said...

When my husband and I were dating, he used to buy frozen chicken tocino at Manila Hong Kong Market here in Reno. I loved it! It's definitely an "American Friendly" food. We just fry it and eat it with rice. Now I have a very sentimental attachment to it, too. ;-)

Manang said...

Hi sognaluna,

long time no hear!

Now that you've mentioned it, chicken tocino used to be one of my favorites, too! Definitely better than pork tocino! I should remember to make that next time I cook chicken.

Anonymous said...

HI! im liz.Im wondering if you could give me a detailed instructions on how to make a chicken tocino..truth is,boba ako sa pagluluto..but tocino happens to be my favorite kaya i want to know how to make just so happen that im presently staying here in israel where filipinos sell a not so delicious tocino..i hope you can help me on this..GOD BLESS!Il wait for your reply!

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