Thursday, February 24, 2005

Braised Tip Steak with Capers

This is tip steak. It is not so tender and not so lean, so I cook it usually by braising. Tap it with paper towel first to remove excess water before browning.

After browning tip steaks, remove and set aside. Heat 1 tbsp of oil on med-high. Sautee 1 medium sliced onion and 1 tbsp capers. This is a jar of capers. I just saw a recipe in one magazine using this. I had no idea before what it was. Luckily, my husband, who did not know about it either, found it. It has a different spicy, not hot, taste.

Add 1/4 cup A-1 Regular steak Sauce mixed with 1/4 cup beef broth or water. Lower the heat (about 3), cover and simmer for 20 minutes or so until tender, checking from time to time and adding 1/8 cup water as necessary to avoid scorching.

When tender (test with fork), see that there is enough sauce left to pour over the steaks. Season with salt and pepper as necessary.

Hubby liked it, so now it is among my list of recipes. Posted by Hello


ting-aling said...

Patting the steak is something I always forget to do..haaaa, i'll always be reminded of you when I eat steak from now on.

drstel said...

is this the same as "tri tip" manang? trendy daw yan ngayon..
this sounds like something my family will like too. so easy to make, it seems.

HiPnCooLMoMMa said...

got inspired by your post...bought t-bone so i can try it out...wish me luck...btw, is that the same capers we put in the pasta?

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