Thursday, March 17, 2005

I Found 3 Sites Useful to the Wise Consumers

Ang mga Pinay, parang si Lumen -- wais!

Have you always wondered how you can make your own mixes for Sloppy Joe, tacos, white sauces, biscuits, banana bread, and the likes? Not only is it more economical if you can prepare them yourself, you also have a peace of mind knowing what exact ingredients you put into them, right? If you think the same way I do, then you might be interested to see Saving Money With Homemade Convenience Mixes. A printable PDF version is also available.

If you want to extend your economical ways of preparing food, you might find Recipe Ideas for Thrifty Families useful (I do find it extremely interesting!), also with available PDF version. It contains such recipes as Mac&Cheese, Salad Dressings, more sauces, guidelines for cooking vegetables in the microwave.

If you are a vegetarian or with teen-aged children who want to be/remain vegetarian, you might want to see Teen Vegetarian Recipes, also with PDF printable version.

All of these were prepared by Nutrition Specialists. More information centered on family life here in Maine can be found here. Click on any of those topics of interest. I got the above links through the topic Food Safety then Food Safety FAct Sheet Online.


Raquel said...

Hi Manang, nice find! Like you, I don't like using mixes bought in the stores (too much chemicals as my mom would say) so learning to make my own is a big plus. Thanks for the links!

JMom said...
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JMom said...

Hi Manang! How's the new job going? Just dropped by to say hi.

The sites you mentioned are really helpful. You know I just had to check out the recipe ideas for Thrifty families :-) I'm still trying to cut our food budget down, with little success. I need all the help I can get!

Manang said...

Hi Racquel and JMom,

Yeah, I thought many would be interested in these. I printed them, hopefully to be able to make my own mixes during the weekends. Laking tipid, coupled with my stock of canned goodies.

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