Friday, May 19, 2006

A Survey on Favorite Filipino dishes

To the Filipinas all over the world:

I would like to make a survey of your most favorite Filipino recipes that you have tried or cooked using your own recipe or from another foodblog or even from my own foodblog (if any).

If you have a favorite PINOY recipe to share (revised to adapt to your present location, if you are an expat), please share by posting here the ingredients and instructions, your location, including where you got the ingredients (Hannaford, Filipino store, spice stores, etc.).

Or if you do have a blog, please provide the link to the posts of your favorite recipe/s, along with your location (this is so we have an idea if we have the ingredients where we are), and also where you got your ingredients.

I would have wanted to make this survey through the "Philippines according to blogs" but it is gone (nahuli ako sa balita!).

With your permission, I would just like to compile them all then print (COLORED) for easy reference. (Pagmamayabang ko rin dito sa area ko, so people will see how artistic we are in cooking.)

Thank you for your contribution.



sachiko said...

manang,ur back! how have you been?
do continue blogging,we missed you!

thess said...

Hello Manang, it's been a long time!
cge, mag iisip ako ng pwede!

Manang said...

Hello amigas,

Ilang beses na ako nagta-try magpost (3 times na ata) usign Qumana blog editor. Lagi nagha-hang! Tinamad na naman tuloy ako. Okay pa naman sana pagkakitaan yung Qads ng Qumana.

Eniwey, I am trying to start a residual income generator...Please antayin.

celiaK said...

The original Manang K is back!!
How are you doing? :)
I'll have to wade thru my recipes to for my favourite Pinoy food. Ang daming paborito eh halatang masiba. Hehehe!

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