Tuesday, July 04, 2006

Lobster Soup

It's lobster time again!

I brought home some leftover "bodies" of lobsters (which I would think were heads instead of bodies, but that's how they referred to it, or did I hear them right?).

We recently had my hubby's fave aunt/uncle and their daughter/son and families, who came over for the funeral of their oldest relative, Great Grandma Gower who died at age 100 despite her love for sweets and deep fried goodies, plus her daredevil driving.

Since Maine is qutie popular for its lobsters, the visitors naturally wanted a dinner with lobsters.

I took home four "bodies" and patiently gathered shreds of meat, along with their eggs (which Filipinos really love! My sons did not, though). Then, I boiled the shells with garlic, bay leaf, peppercorn and salt for about 2 hours to have stock. I strained this.

Next, i boiled the lobster shreds (about 2 cups along with the eggs) in the stock, made a water-cornstarch mixture for thickening, then beat an egg to be added a la egg drop soup. I adjusted the taste with salt and pepper.

My sons loved this! Younger son, who is more fussy than older son, said,"Ma, these eggs taste good in soup!"

I ate mine with saltine crackers.

Hubby never liked lobsters, though. He would always settle for the scallops instead.


charles said...

Looks yummy and also lobsters are nice but dang expensive! I saw them on the fish market for like 200 kroners a piece more like 32 USD.

stel said...

manang K!!! pareho na naman ang andar ng yutaks natin...you know whenever i see "the others" not "dissecting" the heads (as husby and i call them) and the little feelers, i feel so bad and wish to collect them all hehehe.
i love this style! with fresh corn kernels and green leaves like watercress, spinach, or thawed frozen sili leaves...just like my lola made them, but w/ crabmeat.
congrats to your sons for trying the soup! they're adventurous foodies, love that.
lobsters are never cheaper here than 7.99/lb, i hope at the coastline we will find a bargain! can't wait!

Manang said...

super expensive! Here, you can get them for $6.99/pound (and I heard there is one store one hour away from us that sells it for like $3/lb this time of the year).

totoo ka, I could not just let them go to waste. Kahit pa I could have used the time spent to just work and buy several lobsters to come up with this soup, I just could not. Aside from broth that I saved (for pancit), I also dumped the shells and other "wastes" into my compost pit.

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