Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Spanish Bread

I managed to take photos the last time I made spanish bread, so here goes the step-by-step how-to's. For some reason, my computers (both PC with Windows XP and laptop with Linux) do not currently work well with slide.com. I have not had the gumption to make a new account with Flickr to attempt making slide shows, so I resorted to posting a series of photos here instead.

This is another kid-favorite rolls, they like these more than they do ensaymada, although I made both using the same dough (see my posts on Ensaymada).

RECIPE: Please see the BM ensaymada recipe here for the ingredients list and to prepare the dough on the bread machine. The following is the step-by-step guide on how to actually make the rolls.

For the butter-sugar mixture: 1 stick of softened butter (1/2 lb) + 1 cup white sugar.


Prepare the dough. Divide into portions the size of a golf ball. Mix sugar (your choice: brown or white. I prefer white.) and softened butter/margarine (I can't specify the proportions because I approximated. I just kept adding sugar and mixing until I got a consistency that was gritty yet spreadable.)

Flatten each piece with a rolling pin as shown. Go ahead, don't be afraid...Start from the middle outward up and down, especially adding pressure at the ends so they stick to the table. That way, they don't roll back or spring up.

Spread a good layer of sugar-butter mixture. Avoid the ends so you can seal properly.

Roll tightly. Make sure end seals.

Coat with breadcrumbs.

Place on baking pans with seam side down. Cover with plastic. Let rise for 15-30 minutes (depending on what yeast you used and the humidity/temperature of environment). Bake at 350 deg F for 12-15 minutes or until golden brown. (If you have too much for one-time serving and want to reheat these in the future, bake only for about 10 minutes initially, so when you reheat they won't look burnt. I reheat 2-3 pieces for merienda in an oven toaster at 350 deg F for about 3 minutes or so.). Transfer to cooling wire rack right away.

STORING: When you cannot eat all freshly baked spanish bread, after cooling in the wire rack for about 30 minutes, they should be warm (not hot) or almost room temp. That is the perfect timing to place them in ziploc bags and close. Observe after several minutes if they sweat. If they do, open the bag and let the excess moisture evaporate some more, wipe the sweat inside the bag with paper towel. Whey they do not sweat anymore, close bag tightly. When done at the right timing, your spanish bread will remain soft for 3 days without having to reheat them. But then, I myself prefer heating them up in oven toaster for about 3 minutes. And these do not last more than 3 days (or even a day!) for my family.


Thess said...

Hello Manang byuti!
kainis naman! ilang taon ko na kayo kilala (online) nila tita stelita, Jmom at CeliaK, hanggang ngayon d pa rin ako mag dare mag bake...

kaya pahingi na lang? :D

Manang look mo yung comment ko sa Face behind The Blog entry mo, k?

ces said...

you're back! good to know!!! how have you been? good thing i was at thess' and i saw you dropped by...

Midge said...

Hi, Manang: welcome back! It's been ages since we've heard from you!

Spanish bread is always good, but it's one of those recipes I've been hesitant about trying. After your attempt, though, I'm inspired to go try it myself.

Luz Ca. said...

Hi Manang,I tried to make your spanish bread yesterday,They are good ,and soft from the oven.Next day hindi na sila masyadong malambot I have to warm them into microwave oven .Please
advice.What did I do wrong?Thanks.

Manang said...

Hi Luz,
First off, these homemade rolls have no preservatives, so that is expected they will not be as soft as when freshly baked.
Other things to check:
If your air is very dry, you might want to place the spanish bread in zip loc bags as soon as they are warm (without sweating inside). That helps retain moisture (keep in dark cool place so they do not sweat, or they will get moldy faster).
Did you allow for enough rising time to make them airy/fluffy enough? If they are too solid, the more they tend to be tough/hard when colder.
But don't worry, heating them in microwave for 10-15 secs is OK. I prefer to use the oven toaster to reheat them, but reheat only once (because that dries them up as well, and if you try to reheat another time, they would be like toasted bread already).
Hope this helps!

Luz Ca. said...

Hi Manang,I think you are right,I was in a hurry I did not allow enough rising time to make them airy/fluffy,next time I will do it,Kasi gusto ko na kasing matikman
I'm so excited hehehe.I tried your pandesal recipe too before it's good too,kaya I always check your website kung may bago kang recipe.I tried your fried doughnut
too.Thank you for sharing your recipe.

Anonymous said...

hi manang... just visiting at your website.. i've recently tried your spanish bread recipe (using manual ensaymada for the dough) .. it's pretty delicious pero nagbukahan ung first batch ko.. kasi pala dapat "seam side down" paglagay sa baking sheet (i missed that instruction of yours) ... thanks! my son & husband loves them.. and i love them too .. it's my first attempt to bread baking (i usually do those recipes that do not require kneading)

Manang said...

Hi anonymous,
Glad you, your son and your hubby love them spanish bread! I particularly like the caramelized butter-sugar that comes out and spreads on the pan. Pag tumigas-tigaas, parang candy.

Khaizze said...

Hi Manang! Just want to congratulate and thank you sa website mo, really inspiring and helpful sa mga katulad kong love to cook but walang hilig ang cooking, hi hi. Everytime I have free time and feel like cooking, I go to ur website to check, but sometimes hanggagng tingin lang eh. Well, I tried ur ensaymada and spanish bread. ensaymada turned out hard and spanish bread is good but i used the same dough, I really dont understand. Well the best is the pichi pichi, its perfect!I will try ur siopao asado next time. Anyway, thank you po ulit and looking forward for ur new delicious recipe.

jackie said...

hello po!!! I'm from Sasebo,Japan makiki-view po ako sa mga recipes nyo,first time ko po gumawa ng pandesal tanong ko lang po,gusto ko i try yung spanish bread,yung po bang dough same ingredients sa pandesal dough?pasensya na wala po kasi masyado pandesal and spanish bread dito lahat homemade,and nakabili pa po ako ng breadmachine sa Guam,salamat po!!!

Anonymous said...

Magandang Araw sa iyo manang (kahit matanda ako sa iyo hehehe). Sa kaibuturan ng aking fusu, nais kitang pasalamatan. Ng dahil sa iyong recipe, natuto akong mag bake ng Spanish Bread. Nung unang matikman ng isa kong anak ang Spanish Bread na gawa ng isang kaibigan, ang nasabi niya ay, "Mum this is so nice, it's like I died and went to heaven", akala mo naman alam niya ang buhay sa heaven. Magmula noon, nag trial and error na ako sa recipe ng spanish bread, pero ang recipe mo pa lang ang tagumpay with a capital T. Kaya, maraming maraming salamat. Mabuhay ka!

Lory from down under.

Manang said...

Hi Lory tukayo (pareho spelling pati!)
Thanks for the inspiring words! Buti at hindi ka natakot sa trial and error. Ilang months din ang binilang after I baked my first bread sa BM bago ako naglakas loob uli (di ko kasi nagustuhan yung una). Ngayon, every time I want to bake, I look for BM recipes.
Try mo din yung pandelimon de patatas. Super lambot sila!

Anonymous said...

hmmm sarap naman...pahingi..hehehe...ang humingi lyn..lol..

Manang said...

hi (uli!) lyn,

Kaaliw ka ha! Try mo bake! Sarap yung caramel eh!

ShaneEdna said...

Hi Manang,
Thank you po sa spanish bread recipe mo. I baked it today using instant dry yeast and i did it rise for 3 1/2 hours..wow very yummy talaga..taste like its from bakery...nagustuhan ng mga anak ko..thank you po talaga..

Anonymous said...

Can you share the recipe for this?

Bonggitz of Corona, Ca said...

Hi Manang, I just finished baking my spanish bread. It really looks good and my dough is very soft, but I observed my filling melted down to the pan. However it is till a success. Thanks for the recipe. More Power.

Manang said...

Hi Bonggitz,
That's normal..;the caramelized butter-sugar. I love to scoop that out when it has cooled down a bit. Yummy! I just hope you had enough sugar there.

Lory said...

Hello ulit manang. I shared this recipe of yours sa kaibigan ko nung magpunta ako sa Melbourne. It was a success. Dinala namin sa BBQ at naubos agad. Kinain yung iba at hinakot naman ang iba. Nag bake siya ulit para dalhin sa isang function, and with the same success. Mayroon ngang gustong mag order e. Ganun siya kapopular. Salamat talaga sa walang sawa mong pagluluto. God Bless. Ang iyong kapangalan .. ;-)

Manang said...

Hi tukayo! Long time no hear! Glad to hear again from you!
What a nice feeling your story elicits! haha!
Try mo yung sweet potato cinnamon rolls...damihan mo yung cinnamon-sugar, sarrrrap din!

Nina said...

Can the dough be made in advance? I was thinking of making a lot for a gathering kasi eh.

Nina said...

Oh and how do you make it not stick to the board or the rolling pin? I am excited to try this.

Au said...

I came across your blog and I used your recipe for the filling. The dough, I got from another source. It came out really good! Thank you! :)

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