Saturday, January 02, 2010

Pinoy-Style Fruit Salad

Sorry for the blurry pic...

I made this to bring fruits to the New Year Party we had yesterday at my friend Cecilia's house. I also brought frozen almond brazo de mercedes that went untouched during the Christmas Dinner I hosted (because my MIL brought cheesecake so I did not bother to bring the BDM out).

Although some of the fruits were not typically added in the usual fruit salad I used to have back in the Philippines, I just gathered the canned fruits I had in my pantry and made the dressing as close as I could get to the taste of that dressing my Nanay used to make. Cream cheese is a good substitute for Nestle Cream that is not available here.

I have not offered this to my American family/relatives, because I doubt they will like it. But my kids, including stepd, like this salad.

Canned fruits
4 oz (1/2 package) cream cheese
1 can (14 oz) sweetened condensed milk
a dollop of mayonnaise

Let cream cheese sit out at room temp to soften.
Drain the fruits.
Using hand mixer, blend cream cheese and condensed milk, add a little of mayonnaise and blend. Taste and see if you like the balance of sweetness (condensed milk), saltiness (cream cheese), and creaminess (cream cheese and mayo). Adjust as needed. (I usually don't need any more than the ingredients I listed above).

Blend gently using a silicone spatula the fruits and the dressing. Place in a covered container and chill.

Serve chilled after at least 3 hours.

Sabi ng friends ko as they introduced me to new Pinay friends, "Lagi namin inaabangan ang dala nyan kasi masarap!"

I came home with empty containers of the fruit salad and BDM. I brought home containers filled with leftovers of anything else in the party.


Anonymous said...

Hi Manang,
Funny, but I also served this fruit salad to my friends during Dec 27 brunch at my place. I used the canned fruit cocktail and added apples, pears and strawberries. Then I used cream cheese, mayo and condensed milk - just like back home. Masarap! Served it with chocolate cake also with mayo.
Yung only problema with this pinoy fruit salad is that it gets watery and the fruits look wilted after just a day in the frigo.
Hoping to read more of your blogs!

Manang said...

Hi Sharon,
That reminds me....I should have added some apples too...I have some in the fridge and totally forgot about them until your comment here!
Anyway, I made a second batch tonight for our family because I felt bitin from what I ate yesterday. So I am gonna add some apples this time.

Anonymous said...

Hi manang i like your recipes..but how about the serving..for how many person your fruit salad can be served.tanx.
More power!

Anonymous said...

his was sufficient for 10 people, although I 6 Filipina visitors at the time,?

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I love the recipe, make for a coffee with my aunts and were surprised .. fascinated them .. thanks for sharing it with us!

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