Monday, January 03, 2005

Expanding my foodblog experience

Initially it was just a way to while away time and to share my experiences in the hope that it would help those who are still to tread the same path that I am taking...

The first surprise was a recognition from a long-time blogger, our mother-blogger Connie, the Sassy Lawyer. Then emails and notes from fellow Filipinas around the world. Then links with fellow Filipina foodbloggers who were, to my delight, inspired to share their very own kitchen and food experiences outside of the Philippines. It really, really made kitchen-life easier for me, and I have been having so much fun with the exchanges!

Then the next big surprise were links with foodbloggers who are non-Filipinos and/or posts by them. Fanatic, for one, is not a mere foodblogger posting about recipes, but one who is a nutritionist, and her site is very very informative! And now I got an invite to swap links by Benjamin Christie, an Australian chef! Now ain't that a very pleasant outcome of my small endeavor?

It's too late now to post about my previous links (see my Karatig-Kusina for more great finds), but allow me to say that this blogging experience has been the highlight of my previous year, one that gave me salvation for my sanity as I try to cope with homesickness and adapt to my new environment and try to combat depression that is not only brought by the long winter months but also by the mere fact that I don't drive around here yet, made worse by not having any means of public transportation here.

It was not for recognition that I blog, but I am honored for the recognition I have received so far. I feel small, yet it is inspiring. And seeing my site listed among the links of the more popular sites gives me a sense of achievement, no matter how small, no matter how financially unproductive.

Thanks to the foodblog community that I found and that which continues to expand as the days go by. Truly, my world, no matter how physically confined to my small town and small house, is never really miniscule, but one that feels like a universe.


Sassy Lawyer said...

Happy new year, Manang!

Manang said...

Sassy, Happy New Year, too! Thanks for the e-card!

Karen, thanks for the tips!

Bix said...

You have such a rare sense of appreciation. Hold onto that, and it will see you through hard times :)

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