Monday, January 31, 2005

How I Make Breadcrumbs

This is a re-posting from my old kusina.

For Racquel and everyone else who might benefit from this bit of info...
One of the ways I use stale bread is to make bread crumbs (others: bread pudding, french toast, bread pizza). Bread crumbs can be used on our favorite roll pan de sal, or in such recipes as meatballs and embutido (recipes for pork embutido here and here and for beef embutido here).

The way I prepare it depends on the season, and winter is my favorite time to make breadcrumbs because I don't need the oven, and therefore, it's cheaper energy-wise. Here's how:

Before the bread develops molds (which usually happens if the bread is kept in a place where heat causes "sweating" of the bread, and moisture is trapped inside the plastic packaging. Shred the bread into small pieces and place on a baking sheet with enough space that allows good exposure. Since winter is a time when there are no flies, just place the baking sheet on the countertop overnight. The humidity level during winter drops so much (below 30% in my area) that by morning the bread slices are very crunchy. I use the chopper to pulverize them (some use ziploc and rolling pin). When bread is dehydrated this way, there is no danger of toasting them, as against using the oven during more humid days (either at 200 deg of right after turning off the oven after baking a dish or rolls and letting the residual heat dehydrate the bread pieces for around 5 minutes).

After pulverizing the breadcrumbs, I store it in the container of the first and only breadcrumbs I ever purchased. Posted by Hello


Raquel said...

Hello Manang, ang dali lang pala gumawa ng breadcrumbs, can't believe I always get the pre-packaged ones from the grocery! At ang dami palang uses ng breadcrumbs, ang alam ko lang kasing gamit nyan e para sa breaded meats. Many thanks for the tip! :)

celia kusinera said...

Thanks for the tip. I've been wondering how to do it. Ang dali pala!

Toni said...

Goodie! How long do the breadcrumbs keep?

Manang said...

Racs & CK,
You are so welcome. Ganyan gawain ng Tatay ko nun sa bakery namin para magamit yung mga nasoling tinapay.

As long as the bread you are using is devoid of oil (which can turn rancid) and moisture (which encourages mold growth) and you keep it in a cool & dry container, I assure you it will last as long as the next time you want to make another batch. I've tried storing it for more than 6 months, then decided to just give the crumbs to the chickens that my in-laws raise and make anew. Sometime I freeze the bread when past its expiry date and forget about them until cleaning time, so then either I use the bread for french toast or pudding or breadcrumbs.

Toni said...

Thanks!!! :)

Marie said...

I saw this too at tv wherein she use the same procedure as yours, tysm

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