Monday, September 04, 2006

Manang KusiNARS na po ako!

Two months of no job (and no $$)
Saunders Comprehensive Review for RN Exam
Saunders Strategies for Success
Saunders Q&A
Money for registration fees (state board and PV NCLEX)
Prayers from my friends

While waiting for ATT from the state board where the application was filed, I was studying part-time (at least two hours a day) aside from working regularly as a home-based MT/QA.

As soon as I got my approval to sit for NCLEX, I registered with Pearson-Vue for my NCLEX then notified my present employer, that I was going to take a two-month vacation (that's how flexible homebased MT is).
As soon as I got my ATT, I scheduled my test online. I then studied the books and CD practice questions religiously, only standing up every two hours for a short break.
On the last day prior to my exam, I did not peep into the reviewers. I just cleaned the house, especially the fridge. Then I slept early (10:00 p.m.)
I left the next day (Thursday) 1-1/2 hours prior to my exam. My good friend Ana drove me to the place and waited patiently (and praying) for me.
I then relaxed and prepared for my son's birthday party, enjoyed the company of guests, slept through Saturday night, then checked online (complete with tachycardia and anxiety) for the unofficial result on Sunday morning.
I will wait for the official certificate then seek endorsement (from Vermont to Maine) then serve this to potential employers.

I hope I will enjoy the new career!

Thanks for those who prayed!!!

To those who have tried and tested methods on how to proceed from here, I welcome your input! TIA!

I have not completely closed the possibility of aiming for USMLE sometime in the future, but I am also considering the NP path.


iska said...

congrats to u manang for being manang kusiNARS! good luck to the next level :)

ladybug said...

Congratulations! I'm happy for you. Good luck na rin sa mga future tests na gusto mo pang kunin. :-)

KK said...

Congratulations Manang! That is good news!

purplegirl said...

CONGRATULATIONS!!! ang galeng-galeng mo naman. i remember a year ago when you had a discussion about doctors becoming nurses. i'm glad you did what you wanted to do. and i don't think you're wasting or throwing away your medical education. you will always have that. and yes, you can take the medical boards later on but why would you want to go through residency again when you can choose your working hours as a nurse now di ba?

MikeMina said...

Hi Manang,
Congratulations! Kitam nalalaeng nga talaga dagiti Ilocano! (tama ba ilocano ko? hehehe)

Manang said...

KK, Thanks!

PG, Tama ka dyan! One MD-RN suggested I consider the CRNA path, pero the school for that is 2 hours away from my house! I will see if that is feasible, maybe much much later on instead of within 3 years. Or I just might look into NP programs near here.

mike mina, bassit laeng ti ammo ko nga Ilokano (tama ba? Hehe...). Di ko rin alam kung tama sa yo.

fanatic, Thanks! Yeah, I guess the browser makes the difference. I have used Firefox for more than a year now with no problem with loading pages (unless it is ISP/satellite related).

drstel said...

manang kusinars!!! congrats...i'm so happy for you! i'm so so proud of you, parang tunay na manang mo...more power to you and your family.
ginutom mo ko don sa potato dill salad...

Jecka said...

Congrats Po! God Bless and Enjoy!

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