Monday, September 25, 2006

Upgrading my Kitchen

I have been talking about how my husband and I are working on our kitchen...

At the same time, I have been trying to upgrade my online KUSINA. Still under construction...

Last time I checked, my slides host was updating so you may not see the slides yet. My first food post there was about beef asado siopao.

Please update your links. Thanks to all who keep visiting my blog(s). You are a source of inspiration!

UPDATE: I think by now I have made all modifications that I need in my new kusina and it is quite ready now.
Please visit my new Kusina ni Manang and update your links as well. Thank you very much!


Fruit Seasons said...

I think my produce guide could improve the quality of your ingredients.

Submit your blog to our Food Blog directory while your there!

Brian said...

Well darlin, if you can ever bring yourself to leave your husband, bring your kids and move in! I have a small acreage, 150 Chickens, and market gardens. I haven't eaten any chickens this year, or veg. from my gardens because I am alone and work leaves very little time for cooking. But I love food and yours sounds great. It sounds like Phillipinos and English aren't too far apart. We love the offal and entrails too. the things that North Americans turn their noses up at. The reason I am writing is that I found that it is impossible to print off any of your recipes, even using the "Selection" and blue high lighting. How come?

I bet that you would just love my steak & Kidney pie recipe!


Manang said...

Hi Brian,

I can be a matchmaker for you if you want! My younger sister is a great cook, and if you are interested, email me at for details.

My husband may be a disappointment when it comes to pleasing his tummy, but save for that, he is a one-in-a-million husband.

Manang said...

Re printing my recipes, there was a certain java script code that I embedded in my template before, and now that I tried to remove that code to enable copy-paste feature, I could not find it. So I suggest you just click on comment for the particular post, then click on "Show Original Post" so that the text for the recipes will appear. Then you can copy that and print (no pics, though). I think you can also use the shortcut keys (highlight then control+C then open notepad or Word and paste (control+V).
Sorry about the hassle!

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