Thursday, July 03, 2008

My Bibingka Cake was featured on GMA-7's 100% Pinoy (Fusion Desserts)

I seldom blog nowadays (I feel guilty about it) because I have been very busy, especially in the most recent months with a skin allergy that I have been suffering from for two months now (better now and almost back to normal), plus the recent change in work (from rehab dept to ER).

But recently I was contacted by Ces because GMA-7 wanted to feature my fusion dessert bibingka cake on their 100% Pinoy segment on Fusion Desserts (they needed a foodblogger based in Manila to re-create my recipe as well, and Ces asked for my permission. Needless to say, it did not really take a lot of convincing on her part. I was thrilled, and ChefCK, who agreed to appear on the TV in re-creating my recipe, is a Culinary Institute of America graduate and is going to open a school in the Philippines. I am just honored!

Here's a youtube video of the said segment:

Thanks to Ces, ChefCK, and GMA-7!

Now that I have made this post, this reminds me that I have not actually posted about publications that have also featured my online kusina. Thanks to Catherine Bolandrina of planetphilippines for featuring me on the 09-14-07 issue of Planet Philippines; the article was entitled "Pinay Can Cook!"

Another publication that got interested was Hannaford's "fresh" Magazine, which they publish every two months and which shoppers could get for free with purchases of at least $25. I "got" their attention when I joined a contest for recipes using any of their "Inspirations" line-up (I did not win, but they got interested as to how I, a Filipina, was adapting in an American kitchen, especially in a rural area where the nearest Filipino/Asian store is a two-hour drive). The article appeared on the May-June 2007 issue under the segment "Food Lover's Favorite", and was entitled "When in Maine..." with a photo insert that mistakenly featured the face of a friend who was with me in the photo that I submitted (I did not bother to correct them). My recipes featured were the beef pares, spinach-haddock laing, and leche flan (links are from the hannaford website). I have not featured my laing on my blog, but I submitted the recipe per their request. They changed some ingredients in the recipes they asked for, with my permission, for them to re-create the recipes to what they thought tailored more to the American palates, and which would also reflect more their healthy approach to food (e.g., changing the premium coconut milk to a light one). Some of my co-workers back in the rehab department saw this article and said, "I did not know you were that popular!" I almost choked! Some of my newfound online friends also got in touch with me through email because of this article.

Now I wonder if I will have additional visitors to my site because of this??? Well, I gotta post more often! But I am foreseeing more posts on quick-fix types of meals, using more of ready mixes (they are my best friends nowadays).


ces said...

congratulations again Lory! you deserve it! such ingenious creativity in the kitchen! and hope to see more like this from you soon!:)happy bbq-filled 4th too!

MANDAYA MOORE: Ang bayot sa bukid said...


im an avid lurker.

Anonymous said...

Hello Manang,
I'd like to try this for my son's birthday. May tanong lang ako. I went to the grocery today to look for rice flour, pero ang nakita ko lang ay sweet rice flour. Puwede bang gamitin yun?
Thanks. Hope you reply soon :) coz the birthday is on Saturday.

Manang said...

Hi Anonymous,
I used the rice flour for the birthday cake I made, but previous to that, when I was still experimenting, I used the sweet (or sticky) rice flour, and I loved the resulting cake, although that was very dense, but very moist naman. This cake using ordinary rice flour resulted to more crumbly texture (which my in-laws and hubby prefer). Maybe you can try half sweet rice and half all purpose so it is not too dense? Pero kung puro pinoy kayong kakain, I am sure your son will love the pure sweet rice flour. My sons love them, even plain as in walang frosting or topping!
Advance Happy birthday to your son!

Anonymous said...

Thanks a lot for your quick response. I'm excited to try this recipe. I think i'll try to use just the sweet rice flour kasi puro pinoy ang bisita ko. My hubby who is an American is not a picky eater, so I think he will like it as well.

Anonymous said...

I have to say your bibingka cake recipe is one of the best cake recipes I've tasted. Ang dali-dali niyang ibake. Lahat ng nakatikim ay nasarapan. I didn't use macapuno though, kasi yung nabili ko eh may weird na after-taste. Even the frosting is heavenly. I had some leftover frosting, so I thought maybe i should bake it and turn it into merengue. So I put it in a 300*F oven for 10-15 minutes. It came out great, kagaya ng merengue na binibili ko noong bata ako sa tindahan. My children all loved it. Thanks a lot again Manang.

Manang said...

Hi Che,
Thanks for the feedback!
The merengue was a very good idea for the leftover frosting! I always don't know what to do with that, until now that you have suggested turning it to merengue. As you know, this fluff-like frosting is only good when freshly made. Well, thanks for the idea as well!

marie cruz said...

good day manang may i ask for pear shape ham recipe if you have any po, since christmas is coming, so that i can cook my ham in special way with the help of manang. Thanks po and good day po.

Manang said...

I don't have a recipe for pear shaped ham. Is that the skinless type that is available in the Philippines? I wonder why you would want to cook it differently than as directed on the package (I assume there is a direction). In any case, I think this method in the link below will be a good one, at least the glaze will give it a twist. See for yourself.

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