Thursday, April 30, 2009

Ham Fried Rice

Loved by my kids, fried rice is often found in any Filipino household as a common preparation for leftover rice. My older son loves making fried rice (and younger son is happy to have a share without spending much effort). Though my husband has very much learned to accept some Chinese food and actually likes fried rice in Chinese restaurant, he has never attempted tasting fried rice cooked at home (What's up with that????), which, in my opinon, is waaaay much better than that in the Chinese resto. Oh well...who said it was easy feeding my husband?
Rice (we deliberately cook rice to end up with leftover. My kids love fried rice)
1 cup or so Ham, shredded (this was pork ham from our own pig we raised, cooked a la New England boiled dinner)
1 cup Frozen veggies (carrots and peas)
3 cloves garlic, sliced or minced
3 tbsp oil
soy sauce or Maggi Seasoning, salt and pepper to taste

Heat oil. Sautee garlic until fragrant and golden brown. Add veggies and ham. Add rice and stir, breaking rice clumps. Season with soy sauce/seasoning, salt and pepper to taste. Cook until well heated thorough (my kids don't like the fried rice "tutong"-like, and neither do I). Can be eaten alone ("Kanin pa lang, ulam na!" is a common Filipino saying for such fried rice complete with protein source and veggies) or with anything you fancy.
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Tangled Noodle said...

Filipino fried rice rules! Funny thing is that I never make enough to actually have leftovers - we usually finish it all for dinner. 8-)

MaMely said...

My hubby and Gkids love ham fried rice!!I haven't known anybody who doesn't like it. it's an international food.

Manang said...

I used to cook just enough for us to finish (and I have tried converting my rice-eating sons to potato-eaters with no luck), but since my older son learned how to cook fried rice, he always cooks more rice for that purpose.

Recipes for Ham said...

This sounds like an easy ham recipe. I've always thought it would be more involved. Can't wait to try this Ham dinner.

Manang said...

Hi Recipes for Ham,
Thanks for dropping a note. I saw some interesting ham recipes on your site. i particularly would like to try the maple glazed ham!

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