Thursday, April 02, 2009

LaPiS: Hip to Be Square


Huli man daw at magaling, naihahabol din. Here is my entry for this week's LaPiS's theme Hip to Be Square. I love this square plate (I got only one, individual sold at WalMart) since I have at least 4 sets of plates already (not counting numerous white-only restaurant-type dinnerware given by a friend) and really did not want more clutter in my kitchen. I got this single plate only for purposes of presentation for some foods (especially good for finger foods or such pinoy goodies as pichi-pichi). I used it for the first time with my pandelimon rolls about a month ago. I can also imagine it a very good plate to use for a round leche flan.

And like what Ces says, it is indeed hip to be square when it comes to dinnerware. It reminds me so much of Zen (as what one commenter said), especially with this combination of black and red.


Ebie said...

So you joined, LAPIS!, I am a fan, I read the entries. My daughter regularly participates this meme!

eden said...

that's a nice square plate. i have 2 white square plates and i still want to add few colored ones.

pandelimon rolls look so yummy..

ces said...

haha! i have a lot of 1 piece dinnerwares for blogs sake too:)

Anonymous said...

the best source of filipino recipe i have found on the net so far. i especially love the super soft ensaymada and pandesal (i have only tried these two so far lol).

manang, i don't know how much time you have left to devote to your website... maybe the recipe is a little bit confusing. maybe you can try to add your comment/update about your recipe on a separate page with the link to that page can be found at the bottom of recipe. i hope you won't feel offended with my comment. you don't have to post it. thank you and happy cooking.

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