Monday, August 31, 2009

Snow Cone Syrups

I got this set of hawaiian shaved ice's snow cone syrups upon the kids' request...and guess what, the big boy (hubby) also likes it, cherry being his favorite flavor! Stepd's fave is the blue raspberry...I just ordered two sets of 3-flavor packs to replenish cherry and blue raspberry flavors.

Why hawaiian shaved ice brand? It got the best reviews on other brands apparently are not packed with real flavors. We were not disappointed.

This set includes:
Root Beer
Pina Colada
Tiger's Blood (whatever that is!)
Blue Raspberry

UPDATE 9-5-09: During one pool party celebrating my older son's birthday, my kids had fun showing it off to friends and they all had a blast making their snow cones. Today, when celebrating his birthday with relatives, my SIL and her kids had fun making snow cones and asked me where I got the machine and the syrups. This is one of the best fun food stuff to make during summer!


chubskulit said...

my daughter and son would surely love this!

Manang said...

Hi Rose,
I am so sure they will! They will oggle at the machine and the syrups as you prepare them! Then later on they will do it themselves.

ces said...

the kids would love having this set too! i like the 2 in 1 cup!:)

Manang said...

Even my SIL and her kids had fun this afternoon with these! She was asking me where I got the machine and the syrups!

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