Thursday, August 12, 2004

Beer-Battered Chicken Strips

The idea of using beer batter for deep frying was actually from an online friend of mine, Bingbing. She was suggesting ways to make kids eat veggies, and one was to use beer batter and deep fry the leaves. It just popped in my head that I could probably use the same batter for chicken. Posted by Hello

(My kids have learned to love eating veggies. I just explained to them that while it is summer and vegetables are in season, available straight from my garden, we will load up before winter sets in. Right now I am using meat almost as if it is a condiment.)

By the way, I have been having a hard time making pages with the geocities, and last time I tried to preview the most recent page that I made, I said that the page was "unavailable at the time because it has exceeded the alloted bandwidth"....That's the drawback of a free account. Oh well, I will most probably try to post the subsequent recipes using blogspot pages. For now, I will post here the recipe for this dish. The recipe page in geocities might not be available right away. Sorry for the trouble. (Exasperating as it may be, n the other hand, I kinda have the impression that my website is gaining popularity???) I might also make another geocities account then I will just continue making recipe pages with a new free account. Kuripot talaga si Manang no? Blame it on my Ilocano lineage. hehehe...

Beer-Battered Chicken Strips


Chicken breasts, cut longitudinally in half

1 cup beer

1 cup flour

1 tsp salt

1 tsp ground black pepper

1 tsp garlic powder

1 1/2 c cooking oil


Heat oil on high. Using tongs, dip the chicken strips into the batter, drain off the excess batter then fry until golden brown and the chicken is done (I found out that the thinner the coating, the better). Drain on paper towels before serving. (You may use a deep-fryer instead).

Serve with shredded veggies and toasted garlic bread.

For garlic bread, soften butter, mix with garlic powder and salt according to taste, spread thinly on the slices of bread then toast (either use a toaster or in a 200 deg F hot oven).

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BatJay said...

hmmm... this looks yummy bossing. makapag experiment nga one of these weekends.

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