Monday, August 02, 2004

Tinolang Manok (Revised)

One of my favorites from my childhood days that up to now remains, and I am passing on to my children, is chicken tinola.

While in PI, our basic way to cook it is with veggie-combinations as either green papaya+malunggay leaves or sayote+dahon ng sili. A later variation that my mother came up with is using canned or fresh sweet corn plus young leaves of ampalaya.

Here in my place, I have not seen green raw papaya (my husband previously bought one that was manibalang and very sweet for tinola). Also no sayote. As usual, I have to make do with what is available and is now familiar to me. My recipe page also features a dish (poached chicken with Mozarella cheese) that I came up with exclusively for my husband (it's quite exasperating, but challenging nonetheless, to always think of a dish that will satisfy him without sacrificing my own and my kids' preferences), since he is not used to soupy dishes.

So I offer here a possible solution for those in the same predicament as I am in (lucky you if your husband is as open to new dishes as you are!). Posted by Hello


BatJay said...

hmmm... tinola. sarap. my wife uses wintermelon (i think is the english name) in place of the papayang hilaw here in singapore.

Anonymous said...

i have the sayote in my fridge (at least i think it's a sayote)...but can't find the veggies for it here in europe. they have never heard of chili leaves. what's an appropriate substitute? is spinach ok? wouldn't that mean lesser flavor??


fiero, from the other board.

Manang said...

Hi Fiero!

Yap! I suggest you just add the spinach then turn off the fire and wait til the leaves wilt before serving. I found out that blanched spinach has more spinach flavors (which is too strong when consumed plainly, but rather pleasant when in combination with soup) than boiled ( and completely cooked, though the flavors infused will then be in the soup). For plain spinach salad (if you are considering this), my preference is raw, followed by the boiled; blanched I did not like at all.

Anonymous said...

Hello Manang,

First time ko sa site nyo and I find it very helpful lalo na sa bago lang sa TATE like me (5 months). Like you,stay home lang ako from used to be so busy sa Pinas. Kaya heto puro pagluluto ang nakaka aliwan kong gawin,let alone medyo mahilig kumain ang hubby ko hehehe...I've been missing tinola kaso wala akong makitang "dahon sili" pero now na nabasa ko yun "spinach" substitue try ko tomorrow. Marami nga palang "sayote" sa hispanic community,though may papaya tree ang neighbor ko nahihiya naman akong manghingi or bumili. Unlike sa Pinas na okay lang yun plus dito sa aming neighborhood eh parang di uso ang chikahan.

Again,I want to thank you for your effort on this kind of website. Add ko ito sa fave ko so I'll be visiting your site every now & then.

Thanks & Regards sa aking mga kababayans around the globe!



lei cruz said...

hi manang, sobrang thanks d2 sa recipe mo ng tinola, bukas na bukas magluluto ako ng ganito. love na tlaga kta.thanks again


Anonymous said...

hello manang, ask ko lang ha?! pwedi ba tinolang manok na sayote at malunggay?! kasi wala ako makitang dahol sili, pero may malunggay?! pwedi ba malunggay na lang?! thanks

Manang said...

hello, anonymous. Lumaki ako actually na malunggay at hilaw na papaya ang nilalagay sa tinola ng mga Ilokano (sometimes they use bagoong instead of patis). I think yung sayote at dahon ng sili ay sa ibang regional group nag-originate. Iba ang lasa, but I like them both.

Jocelyn said...

Hello Manang, I was looking for what tinola means and I found your page. The way my mom cooks it is without papaya, so I find that rather interesting. My parents are both Kapampangan. Is this a regional thing?

Manang said...

Hi Jocelyn,
Honestly, I myself do not know the exact meaning of tinola. Anyhow, maybe the variations in cooking it is really a regional thing (I have also tasted tinolang baboy before, but I found it too oily; maybe because of the cut chosen by the cook (it was in a carinderia where I tasted it).

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