Friday, August 06, 2004

Chicken-Pepper-Cheese Calzone

Out of curiosity, I clicked on Fleischmann's website featuring Pizzas and Calzones. What I saw reminded me of empanada, so I tried this. Though the original recipe called for pepper and cheese as filling, I used left-over chicken pieces (from beer-battered chicken that I prepared the previous day, the recipe page of which I have yet to make), mixed with chopped bell peppers and lots of cheese, seasoned with salt and pepper, for my fussy-eater mylab.

For me and my kids, I used bits of roasted pork (given by my friend Ana who had lechon recently), mixed with chopped bell peppers, cheese, and raisins, plus salt and pepper to taste. Mmmm....everybody was delighted, even the kids who had a hard time blowing at the piping hot center of the calzone!Posted by Hello

I have been asking my aunt to e-mail to me the empanada recipe of my Lola Miling in California, as she has made that her business. Though I am not inclined to engage in the same business, I gathered it must be a very delicious recipe that's why there was a great demand for it (hence, they made a business out of it). To my dismay, I still have not received the recipe.

I would appreciate it if anyone of you can send me recipes for empanada. When I was in PI, my favorite was that made by Merced (not Goldilocks nor Red Ribbon): flaky and really yummy! I discovered that during my rotation in Veteran's Memorial Hospital where Merced products were sold at the canteen.


purplegirl said...

manang -- i saw this recipe for empanada. i thought you might be interested. let me know how it turns out.

Marie said...

calzone yummy, ty for posting

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