Tuesday, June 13, 2006

Chocolate Mousse Cake

This is my second attempt at making this cake which is so loved by my husband and my kids.

My first one was not as artistic as this one though. The recipe was shared by stel, and can be found here.

The only revision I made was the addition of Piroulle (sp?) . I placed them along on the inner side of the heart-shaped pan after the base was baked and some mousse was poured so I would have some form of "glue" to stick the Piroulles in. I cut them first to the level of the pan before sticking them into the cake base. Ads by AdGenta.comOnce in place, I then poured the rest of the mousse and followed the rest of the directions. Instead of chocolate shavings only, I added Lindt chocolate truffles. The Piroulles (sp?) were good for munching alone, but used for this purpose, it becomes chewy, so that it serves mainly a decorative purpose.

I thank stel for this recipe!

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