Saturday, May 09, 2009

Baking Videos of How-To's

Since there have been readers who ask me to teach how to do this and that, and to make vids especially in relation to baking, I decided to compile good vids here of the most common how-to's asked. I am bad at making vids, and since baking can be a long process (from proofing to kneading to final rising), it would take tremendous amount of time to just edit and make a short non-boring vid of one recipe (let's say pan de sal). I think the only one missing is the proper way of cutting pan de sal. I would like to have the time to make a video of that, then I will add to this collection (the one I saw on youtube just was not the way I know how pan de sal is cut so I did not embed that here). If you would like to suggest additional how-to videos please do so and leave me a comment. Thanks!


Shaping dough rolls

Slashing the dough (see 4:15)


Folding egg whites into batter

Creaming Butter (or Shortening) and Sugar

Rolling a Cake/Jelly Roll

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Tangled Noodle said...

Thanks for this compilaton of videos! Although I've always appreciated your slideshow tutorials.

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