Saturday, May 09, 2009

KNB: Sizzling Platter


Another purchase from my second foodbuzz earning.

I remember when I was in the Philippines, there was this sizzling steaks stall in SM City Foodcourt, and I just loved eating my hot salisbury steak off of that platter.

I thought it would be cool to re-live and experience that again, using these sizzling platters I got from amazon. I plan to use them on a bbq day, with the grill by the pool (as I envision it, since we are planning to have the pool built this May-June), let the steaks cook on these plates placed on a grill. The ribbed design makes it easy to pour off fat drippings (if desired). Each platter comes with its own holder.

Can't wait for summer!


MaMely said...

I like these sizzling platters..just like the kinds they serve sizzling fajitas in at Chili's. Have lots of fun!!!

Nina said...

these are great but would cost a lot to ship here :( need to find a way :)

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