Thursday, October 28, 2004

Chicken Fajita

Okay...Ting-aling also had a series of turkey recipes recently. It's now my turn...with chicken...haha!

One thing that was not quite common in the Philippines is dealing with leftovers for days...because it is seldom to have any (what else can you expect in an extended family?), and if there is, it is usually eaten up for merienda.

Another way that I thought of using up the leftover chicken was to make a fajita. Especially good when I have only myself to feed, usually during lunchtime when the kids are at school and hubby is working.

I got a taste of chicken fajita first at a KFC outlet in SM City Annex. It fell short of my expectation. I just considered having it because it looked so much like shawarma (the best one I tasted had roasted tomatoes and sour cream to which I added hot sauce). I did not like the fajita they had at KFC. But now I considered making my own.

I roasted a whole ripe tomato (broil on high) for 5 minutes, then heated the flour tortilla and the meat. I mashed the tomato,

with a big bite!added a slice of white cheese, a tablespoon of tomato salsa (which I canned), a dollop of sour cream, then added shredded veggies (leftover from taco dinner).

Then I rolled it and wrapped in wax paper (for less messy handling)...hmmmm, simple yet filling! And healthy too!

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