Thursday, October 28, 2004

Chicken Quesadilla

I was looking for more ideas to use up leftover chicken (from roasted chicken) since it seems like we will be having this at least every other weekend (that's how much my hubby loves it). Then I came across Ting-aling's post on turkey and shrimp quesadilla, then stumbled upon thess' . So now I got ideas on how to make it. Then considering my husband's favorite order at Friendly's is chicken quesadilla, I asked him what the ingredients he detected in that. Knowing his taste buds, I expected nothing more than a mixture of chicken breast and different cheeses sandwiched between the flour tortilla. So I gathered all the cheeses. I cubed Monterey Jack cheese,

Then I layered mozarella, blended chicken, cheddar and MJ cheeses then another layer of mozarella. I added a dash of paprika, salt and pepper. This one is for my hubby.

The next pair of flour tortilla had added chopped bell peppers and onions. That was for me and my kids.

I then baked at 250 for 10 minutes. My kids loved it. My husband could not finish the whole thing so he brought half of it to work the next day. He used the microwave and heated it up til the cheeses were all bubbly and he said it was delicious! (Ah, so that meant that my conventional oven-prepared quesadilla was not heated enough for him????) Lesson: Next time I do this, I will use the microwave and let the cheeses melt until they bubble. Posted by Hello


Anonymous said...

thanks for posting this I needed it

Marie said...

i love mexican food and this includes my top fave

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