Tuesday, October 05, 2004

Sweet Corn

Sweet Corn

Recently we have had our fill of sweet corn...at least for 3 days, because the racoons (we suspect) raided our garden for these sweet treats!

During that short period of time we enjoyed sweet corn the way we wanted it best - steamed! According to MS Living Mag, the right way to prepare steamed sweet corn is: Boil the water, run to the garden and pick the corns, husk them, steam and eat! It said sweet corn, as soon as picked from the plant, converts its sugar into starch even if refrigerated, so that it is best to cook them right away. Of course we eat this with butter and salt.

Other way I thought of enjoying it was making a soup out of some pieces of leftover cuts of corned beef (which I cooked like nilagang baka). And of course, in my tinolang manok with pepper leaves.

Bad thing is, due to unforeseen circumstances whereby those racoons depleted our corns, I forgot to think of other ways to enjoy corns. Looking back now, I regret not having cooked maja blanca (I remember Bernice cooking that one time)...

Even the corns given by my in-laws I was not able to cook into maja! What I did not fail to remember to do with it was to make corn muffins style Sassy's, using the pancake batter. Posted by Hello

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