Tuesday, June 09, 2009

KNB: Deviled Egg Platter


I was looking for a platter for deviled eggs, which I plan to prepare for my son's graduation party on Thursday (I have been busy so I blog less often at present), and for July 4th. Nothing was really tickling my fancy until I saw this one. And when it finally arrived, although it looked more like a wedding gift (complete with a decorative box at that!), I loved how it also signified spring to me, with the bird salt and pepper shakers and the intricate floral design at the center. The ceramic was of good quality, so it was not like it was gonna break with the usual handling. (I do have a dinnerware set that I made a mistake of buying; they were so fragile!)

A bit pricey, but well worth it!

UPDATED 6-16-09 to include the above photo with deviled eggs. The deviled eggs here were made using homemade pickle relish and mayonnaise to taste (as prepped by my SIL).


MaMely said...

Ohhhh, Manang I love your platter!!! it is very elegant.I've been using a plastic one from the dollar store which serves the purpose, but I think I'll get me one of this bec. it is so attractive.

Sweta said...

It's so cute!!I'd love to see it loaded with Deviled Eggs :)

Marciel said...

Ha! ha! Had a very vivid dream last night about buying for USD 300 a spring themed dinner set with a devilled egg tray with cute animals in the center. dito ko nga pala nakita yesterday morning. It must have been in my subliminal thoughts

oggi said...

I like that the tray has a handle. I got one at a chain store over 2 years ago...I made deviled eggs then and never used it again. Thanks for reminding me to make some.:)

Marie said...

your deviled egg is so tempting, lolz

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