Monday, June 01, 2009

LaPiS: pearlySHELLS


I was sooo pleased when I found this at Walmart, not only because it was on sale, but because it was a Capiz artwork! And when I flipped it over, it was made in the Philippines. Too bad it cannot be used for food ("may cause food poisoning").

Capiz --

The Capiz shells when used as ornaments and decors turn simple living into elegant and cozy-looking environment. It is well known to be a good indoor as well as outdoor décor major raw material. The Capiz shell products are also very well recognized in the world market because Capiz is the only living paradise for the Capiz shells that can be found in their vast sea treasure chest.

Some popular Capiz shell chips decorating design include gift items, indoor decoration and outdoor decoration ornaments. “Captivating Capiz” chip-made products range from lanterns, lamp shades, window pane, chandeliers, curtains, picture panels and frames, Capiz shell balls, plates, decorative bowls, candle holders, tiles, flower vase, door hanging chime, soapdish, pendant, globelight, necklace decor, beads, bird cage, floor lamp holders, faux chandelier, gift boxes, collection item rack and many more.


However, I was not too sure how authentically Capiz this easily chips off at the edges...oh well...I just wanted a Pinoy touch in my kitchen decor. Maybe I could put some wrapped candies on it, or salt and pepper shakers...

This is my entry for this week's edition.


Sweta said...

That looks really classy-yes,too bad you cannot use it for food!!

ces said...

haha! fab find! Manang:) hey, i tried to skype you a few wks ago..i was going to ask about Maine when we were supposed to go for Memorial weekend.. d lang natuloy haha! bka sa next long weekend:) hopefully! we're looking @ Portland area, what do you think? where are you pla in Maine?

Jescel said...

I actually brought some capiz bowls from the Philippines. They are very fragile that it chips easily. So it's become more of a decoration than anything else.

oggi said...

I have several of those that I got from Target. They are very pretty but so delicate, I already chipped one. I think they are made of real capiz and glued on both side. They are not naturally flat..maybe they added a chemical or they have several coatings of shellac to make them flat and functional. I love them, they look beautiful.

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