Thursday, June 25, 2009

Strawberry Milk Shake

"I don't even like strawberry shake, but this is delicious!" -- Husband

My kids love it!

Probably the good store-bought strawberries made a lot of difference. Seldom are we able to get really good strawberries from the store. Usually they are puckery and hard, pinkish red instead of really red. This time I got a "Limited Edition" from a "William & Anderson" farm in California (not Mexico!). We liked them eaten as is, and we love the shake made with them.

16 oz strawberries
1 to 1-1/2 crushed ice
1/2 cup sugar
enough milk to reach 4 cups in the blender
4 scoops of vanilla ice cream


Place strawberries in the blender first, followed by sugar, then crushed ice. Pour milk to level of 4 cups, top with 4 scoops vanilla ice cream. Blend using liquefy or blend mode. Use pulse setting, pressed for about 10 seconds, if the mixing seems not to include the top part. Once it starts making a funnel, revert to liquefy or blend mode to make the mixture smoother.

Ahhhh! Sarrrrap!

In a few weeks' time, we will have the chance to get "real" real as picking them straight from the strawberry farms around here...not sure how sweet they will be as they have not seen sunshine in weeks! But then again, if made sweet by ice cream and sugar, or if made into jams, being tart will be a plus anyway.

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Marie said...

i love strawberry shake :D

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