Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Summer Nostalgic Tripping - Ube Ice Cream Sandwich

After a marathon at work last week, I baked pan de sal on the last night, because I was craving to have ube ice cream as filling in it! Yummy nostalgic food trip! (When I was a child, our family and the bakers would sometimes get this kind of tripping for freshly baked monay during summers.) Loved the contrast of hot and cold, crispy crust and melting ice cream....

I just wished someone else prepared it for me.... :( However, nakakaalis naman ng pagod after ko makain yung 2 pieces on this plate. Tsalap!


Anonymous said...

I haven't try that one. Ice cream together with a hot pandesal? looks interesting. I thinking if residence of Bicol also have that kind of food trip. I will try if thats really delicious. Hope to like it. Thanks!

Manang said...

Hi Anonymous,
Ice cream vendors usually use the hamburger buns for this. In my father's bakery, my fave to use was monay.

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