Thursday, July 09, 2009

Wave-Your-Flag Cake

One of the desserts I prepared for July 4th. Made with layers of (from bottom to top):

Mamon (Filipino chiffon cake)
White Chocolate Pudding and Cream Cheese (recipe courtesy of MaMely; she suggested white choc pudding instead of vanilla. I got it from a post that she has now deleted so I cannot provide the link. I did not print out the recipe then because I was just using the laptop while making it.)
Blueberries and Strawberries

However, my son made a Florida Citrus Cake that he displayed minutes earlier than I did the flag cake, so by the time this cake arrived on the table, the FCC already was almost gone and the eaters were already scooping out the soft vanilla ice cream. Only 3 slices were eaten from this cake. Sigh! Oh well, I just wanted to be in the spirit of the July 4th.


oggi said...

The flag cake is very pretty and sounds delicious too with mamon and chocolate pudding. I'd like a slice please.:D

MaMely said...

manang your cake looks so gooood! It is nice to know your son makes cakes too. Mana ba sa mommy?

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