Sunday, November 02, 2008

Sugar Cookies for decorating Graveyard Halloween Cake

This post should have been earlier uploaded,.
From Sugar cookies for Halloween
but I had been working every night since Halloween, and I blog during the slow time of my shift, if any.

I was not able to take a photo of the cake that I made for Halloween. I got the idea of "graveyard" look by browsing I brought it to work with only the chocolate glaze on it, planning to top it with crushed Oreos then decorate once I got to work, but I forgot to bring my camera! Anyway, while I found it quite too sweet for my teeth, my coworkers said it was excellent!

The recipe I used for the sugar cookies was courtesy of Liz. My husband hogged the sugar cookies as soon as the first batches were out of the oven. He loved them especially with the sugars. I got different sprinkles and icing colors from Walmart. (Hubby had been hinting to me for years that he likes sugar cookies. I just got discouraged with the flat cookies I have been making using Nestle Toll House choco chip cookies recipe that I did not try sugar cookies too soon.) My sons had some fun trying to shape them cookies and decorating, but I myself had a hard time achieving the effect I wanted (as you can see in the photo). I probably will try to recreate that graveyard cake just so I can take a photo. I still have some sugar cookies in the freezer (we got tired of shaping them).

I will post about the cake recipe itself once I had the gumption to make it again and take a photo of it complete with "graveyard" decors.

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