Friday, October 31, 2008

Pumpkin Carving

It's Halloween!
From pumpkin carving

One thing we have embraced in the Western Culture is the tradition of pumpkin carving during this holiday. I have to go to work tonight so we did this last night. Too bad my stepd had to be with her mother so she was not able to join in the fun. (We also made sugar cookies and tried to decorate them.) Here's my artwork, and those of my kids can be seen in the slideshow below.

I purchased a cheap pumpkin carving kit from Hannaford a few weeks ago. The boys were quite excited when they saw it (first time to have that at home!) so last night was the opportunity they (we all) have been waiting for. I myself had some fun (I joined in the carving craze since my stepd was not here and my husband never really was interested in this activity. He just likes appreciating our finished products.) Now I am off to find a recipe for the seeds...

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Marie said...

nice carving

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