Wednesday, January 07, 2009

Boiling Water Canner and Bamboo Steamer

I have posted during my earlier blogging days about
From boiling water canner & bamboo steamer
canning, and this is where I use my boiling water canner primarily (It was a birthday gift from my mother-in-law after I have borrowed hers several times to can my produce during my first year of garden harvest). But through years now of using the canner and with my bamboo steamers also now available whenever I want to prepare steamed pinoy goodies such as puto, siopao, or siomai, I resort to this, especially if it requires oven-like environment as in the case of puto or siopao, which requires the high moist heat of steam. Leche flan can also be prepared in this way, if you cover the llanera with foil, place in the bamboo steamer atop the canning rack, steamed in MODERATE heat for 30 minutes for the typical llanera size, or longer for 8x8 round pans (if you try using high heat, it will result to big holes; less heat will take longer cooking time).

Although the bamboo steamers can be used on top of a
wok for siomai and dumplings, which do not require sudden rising of dough, the canner provides a better effect of sudden heat to assist in rising of dough for such recipes as puto or siopao ("ginulat" kumbaga). The canning rack allows for proper elevation so you don't boil the goodies, and the handles also provide an easy way to place and remove what you are cooking. Of course you can use these for the individual purposes they were intended to be used for. I am just showing here how I marry the use of some distinct tools to prepare some Filipino favorites. The bamboo steamer I use is a 10-in size. If larger, it won't fit in my canner. There are larger sizes of bamboo steamers available, though.

To properly care for bamboo steamers, spray with oil after each use and thoroughly dry when storing.

To properly care for your boiling water canner, just promptly remove the water after each use and wipe to avoid rusting.


paoix said...

what do you think about using the canner for making atsara? I was thinking of using it so that it seals and it's already in there.

Manang said...

Thanks, Wena!

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