Tuesday, January 13, 2009

What's In Your Lunch Box?

I am making this post in response to FMB's Lunchbox Meme #2. I have no attractive photos to show what are inside, but the labels let you know the contents of these containers that I have in the fridge, ready for the kids (big or small) to take to school or work for lunch. Usually, after supper, we pack the leftovers into individual servings such as shown, or sometimes, we wait until the week is over, then prepare these prior to the start of the week.

This is the first school year that we have had to do this, since now that I am working, the kids do not qualify anymore for the reduced price or free lunch in school. This does not really bother me, because then I have less leftovers to worry about (sometimes they get forgotten and end up chucked to the trash; what a waste!)
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inday_adin said...

Hi there! I love your food blog.. Oh! My goodness! It makes me hungry and it is so mouth-watering. hehehe... Would you mind if I add you to my blog, too? Thanks!

julie said...

Wow! This is a great way to organize left-overs and food to be brought to school or at work.

Hmmm... I might try to do that kind of being organized in terms of food to avoid waste.

Thanks for joining the meme and I hope to see you in the succeeding weeks :)

cookie said...

first of all, hello katukayo. i'm also the manang here in my family being the eldest. i love this idea. i should do this as i always lose things in the fridge :)

and thanks for playing :)

Mauie said...

Hi Manang! I'm returning the visit. This is a very interesting blog you have here. :)

mumayr said...

wish i could be as organized as you ... :)

imom said...

Hi there!
Thanks for this great idea. How true - leftover usually are forgotten until they start growing clones in the ref LOL.

Thanks for joining the meme. I look forward to your next sharing. :)

iska said...

Let me pick my baon.... pwede ba makipamili?
lemme have kaldereta! Yummy!

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