Thursday, January 01, 2009

How I Make Fresh Lumpia Wrappers

Thanks to the Villa Ware crepe maker, making these wrappers are a breeze. I never have learned the proper way to make fresh lumpia wrappers using a skillet or a non-stick pan. I tried several times in the past, but I always ended up frustrated. Now I can make them without problems. It did take some practice before I was able to make good ones. And usually, once I start making them, the first ones are not good. It is expected, though, as the manual states the same thing. Maybe it has to do with the gadget warming up.

Please see recipe for batter on "Fresh Lumpia" post. Below is a short video on how I actually made them. I suck at video making, but I made this primarily to show how I swirled the pan right after lifting it up from the batter. If you don't do this swirling, you end up with a very uneven crepe.
Important notes:
1. Make the batter 1 night ahead so the gluten develops first. It lessens the hole and makes the crepe more pliable.
2. Let batter stand in room temp for 30 minutes prior to starting.
3. The first ones will get wasted as you get used to doing this and discovering the technique hands on. Don't get frustrated. (It is for this reason that you should not cut the recipe in half).
4. Butter the pan the whisk the batter before dipping the pan.
5. Put enough liquid but not too much into the dipping plate.
6. Make sure you let the crepe cool down completely before stacking. Use wire racks to cool. You do not have to use filter or wax paper in between. They easily come off each other.
7. Wrap in plastic the stacked crepes before storing in the fridge if not using immediately. Use within 2 days, I suggest.



Jescel said...

thank you for sharing this. tried making this once but to no sucess... maybe its time for me to get this crepe maker... HAPPY NEW YEAR!

MrsG said...

hi manang..thanks for sharing this..i've been wondering how i can make fresh lumpia wrappers eh. i also have a crepe maker so can try this too!

have you recipe for the fresh lumpia ubod and the dipping sauce?


PS thanks for visiting my blog btw :-)

Manang said...

Hi MrsG,
I do have that recipe although I unnecessarily tweaked the paalat sauce just because I had some ingredients on hand that I wanted to find use of. Just look for the label lumpia and you will see that post. :)

Manang said...

Hi Jescel,
Welcome to my site! If you do get this crepe maker, there are some more recipes for crepes that come with it.

Manang said...

Hi LBR, welcome to my kusina! Sad to say, I have tried various recipes for egg roll wrapper but had no success making them. Maybe I don't have the right tools nor skills nor recipes. So I gave up and just purchase several packs (up to 10) of TYJ egg roll wrappers when I go to Asian stores.

Gay said...

Hi Manang, I like crepes a lot and actually want to specialize on them. Would you recommend the crepe maker you have? I'm planning to get one when I go to the US next month. Thanks.

inday_adin said...

That was a smart one! :) I love Lumpia and I prepared it one time during my husband's Reunion Party and they loved it. They were expecting me to make one since I am from the Philippines. hehehe... Thanks!

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