Friday, January 09, 2009

Butter-Fried Haddock, Rice-A-Roni, and Baby Spinach

This is a re-post from my Old Kusina. Funny how, when I review
From butter fried haddock wit rice-a-roni and baby spinach
my earlier posts now that I have somewhat established family favorites and regulars, I see that some earlier food combinations to make a menu are now changed. Like the old post of mine on haddock had creamed butter and french fries as sides. Now, we regularly eat butter-fried haddock with fresh baby spinach and Rice-A-Roni. If we deviate from that combination, my husband (who is a sucker for "traditions" likes sticking to something once he really finds it good) seems lost. Haha!
Very easy to prepare, we have this menu almost every two weeks.


2 lbs haddock fillets, cut into serving pieces (I have extra for lunch-dinners the next day)
spices: salt, pepper and paprika, sprinkled onto cut pieces
flour for dredging right before frying
1 stick butter for frying

Rice-A-Roni (2 boxes for a family of 4-5 with boys who eat like men, and a man who eats like a boy)
butter (see package for directions; I use 4 tbsp for two boxes)
water (I usually use 3&1/2 cup for two boxes RAR)

fresh baby spinach


Start cooking the rice first. Using the stovetop, I melt the butter, add rice and stir, add water and flavoring then stir. Then I place in rice cooker to finish (takes about 30 minutes to cook). I wait for about 15 minutes before starting cooking the fish.

Meanwhile, I prepare the fish. After cutting, I sprinkle with spices and let them
From butter fried haddock wit rice-a-roni and baby spinach
sit for a while. 20 minutes before the rice is done, I start heating the griddle, flat side up, on two burners, at #6 setting. After about 5 minutes, I start melting the butter. Once butter has cleared (no more bubbles; it looks more like oil), I increase heat to 8, dredge chicken pieces in flour, and place them in the pan to cook one side for two minutes, then flip over, making sure there is enough melted butter underneath (or I slice some more butter to place there before the fish piece lands on it), and cook for another two minutes, or longer (3-4 mins) for thicker pieces. At this point, I shout to my kids, "Set the table please!" and instruct them about the baby spinach and dressing (hubby loves Wish-Bone Robusto Italian), and the RAR.

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