Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Pork Tocino

 My husband's verdict on Pork Tocino: "This is the best thing that ever happened to pork chops." It never fails to make his eyes closed in savoring this Filipino favorite. (That reminds me, I should get a lot of these on my trip to the Asian stores tomorrow.)

Very easy to prepare, all we need are tocino mix and pork cuts.

I use chops, and instead of the 1.1 lb suggested in the recipe, I marinate 2 lb of pork chops instead, for at least 3 hours or overnight. The result is a not-too-sweet pork tocino (hubby does not like too salty or too sweet chops).

Using a non-stick deep 10-inch saucepan, I add some water (about 1/4 to 1/2 cup) and put everything, chops and marinade, in the pan, simmer (#3) covered for 10 minutes. Then I uncover, turn up the heat to about #8 to reduce the sauce while turning the pieces often. When almost dry, I lower the heat again to avoid burning the sugar, then as the chops begin rendering fat (or I add some olive oil), I brown the pieces.

I serve this with rice (or potatoes for hubby) and salad greens.

I don't have to mention that this is one of the favorites of my kids as well.
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Jescel said...

hmmn... tocino is the best.( i think the best mix is mccormick). I make mine sometimes from scratch. I avoid using the pre-made mix too much due to high salt and preservative content. Hmnn... this is soo yummy.

Manang said...

Jescel, I was not even aware that there is a mcCormick Tocino. I wonder if I can hunt that down in asian stores? Care to share your recipe for homemade tocino mix? I easily run out.
On the other hand, I use more meat than the marinade itself, which lowers the percentage of sugar and salt each slice has. I am not sure what preservative the mix has, as it is in powder form, dry, and needs no preservative, and seeing the list of ingredients, I could not find any. The salt itself is a form of preservative, but is not used in this case to preserve.

mumayr said...

hi manang ! i just want to share my tocino recipe ...but it is still a work in progress ...i use pineapple juice ,salt and sugar marinade them overnight or longer . simmer with a little bit of water then fry them on low fire .i'm still working on the proportion....you might want to try them :)

Manang said...

Hi RD,
Thanks a bunch for this recipe! I might as well try this for bbq time since it is summer already! And I will marinate several and freeze for future use as tocino (I will use Sprite for freezing purposes). I am not concerned about the beer; I actually used beer before for beer batter (chicken recipe). It imparts a good taste as long as it is not stale.

Rake Donkey said...


Think you'll need to play with the sugar/salt/shoyu(soy sauce) as to me it was a little sweet and salty at the same time. Also, for marinading longer than overnight, the amount of beer was a little too strong for me. As a quick marinade or 3 hours to overnight it was fine I had it almost 2 days and the flavor was a bit too intense.


Manang said...

Hi RD,
I agree abt the beer marinating time.
I did my grocery shopping yesterday and I had to get that tabasco sauce. Haha! Not sure exactly when I will prepare this, but I got everything ready. Maybe one weekend when I am not working.

jc said...

Hello manang!
Thank u so much for this recipe.
Can't wait to try it out!
God bless!

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