Thursday, October 30, 2008

Ginisang Mani (Peanuts Deep-Fried with Garlic)

When I was still in PI, I used to buy freshly cooked
From ginisang mani
peanuts from one of the street vendors, and I would often request to include lots of toasted garlic. Since coming to the US, I have not really had peanut prepared this way. What I often see in the grocery stores are honey-roasted, or plain, and while they are crunchy, they just do not taste the same.

Then I saw some small uncooked peanuts in a natural food stall near me (Spice of Life). So I excitedly got a bag, then tried to cook them FOR THE FIRST TIME in my life. I knew I had to use enough oil to submerge the nuts. I knew I had to stir often. I knew I had to use garlic. What I did not know was the timing. I ended up with burnt (overcooked) peanuts with chewy (undercooked) garlic. Probably because I placed all garlic and peanuts at the same time. Probably I waited too long for the peanuts to brown and get crunchy (I tried to taste them before getting them off the pan).
I chucked them away.

It took a while before I had the gumption to try again. I got a small bag of peanuts from a Chinese store in Portland (2-hr ride from my house!) some months ago. Now I finally had the courage to try again. And I was glad with the outcome.

First I heated the oil to med high (6) for several minutes. I added the garlic to

cook until translucent before I poured in all the peanuts. Now the peanuts lowered the temp right away, so I put the heat on high (10)for about 2 minutes or so then back at med high and kept stirring. When I saw a slight change in color and some bubbles forming on the surface of the peanuts without cover, I started scooping them out with a strainer and placed on paper towels and let them cool off a bit before trying them. This time I ended up with just the right taste and crunch both of the peanuts and garlic. And no, I do not eat the big chunks of garlic. I sliced them big enough so I can easily pick them up when cooked, but breaks off just a little piece to eat with 4-5 peanuts at a time. I love the mingling of flavors that way.

I brought this to work that night and was quite surprised at how others were eating them, even the garlic! I was even warned by my charge nurse that if I did not hide it, she would not be able to stop herself from getting more.

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purplegirl said...

Uy, glad to see you blogging again ;)

I make ginisang/adobong peanuts just about every week. It's my favorite snack. I also add some chili flakes and dried chili peppers to give it a kick.

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