Tuesday, October 28, 2008

I had salad for lunch today!

When I am alone at home and it's lunchtime, I graze over fridge contents. I so happened to have leftover from previous night's supper. We had grilled chicken that was marinated in WishBone Robusto Italian dressing, served with iceberg salad and rice (mashed potatoes for my husband). For leftovers, I had a whole chicken breast, which I cut in half (two servings for me) and 1/3 bag of the iceberg salad mix. Then I thought I'd throw in some croutons as well. I used the same dressing as above. I wish I had on hand some cherry tomatoes and crumbled cheese, but I just had to content myself with what I got.
These were my bestfriend today. I prepared another for me to bring to work that night, and I learned that croutons should not be thrown in along with the veggies and chicken and then refrigerated. I knew I had to add the dressing just immediately prior to eating this, but the croutons were soft already! Now I know what not to do for bring-to-work salads.

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