Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Lobster Rolls

Last Sunday night we ate the lobsters with my favorite tender rolls, pandelimon. While traditionally, lobster rolls use the typical hotdog buns, I used leftovers of both lobsters and pandelimon to make myself some "lobster rolls" for lunch the next day. Pictured here are two of them (I already ate the first one).

How to:

Slice horizontally and place your rolls in oven toaster at 350 F for about 3-5 minutes. Meanwhile, cut the lobster meat into bite-size pieces, sprinkle with some (real) lemon juice (probably 1/2 tsp), add a dash of salt and pepper (I used Kosher salt and freshly milled pepper). One whole lobster can make 4 of these (or two using hotdog rolls). I was only able to eat 3 as I was stuffed! I saved the remaining lobster filling for later when my sons came home. The first one to see it got to eat it, who happened to be my older son. He loved it! He said, "Now I know how lobster rolls are made!" I did not really know the exact recipe for that, and I just went ahead with my insticts, but it made me try to search for recipes, and what I saw were the same ingredients. I should learn to trust my instincts...

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